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Another blog on infosec launched!mer. 07 mars 2018

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Hello everybody and welcome to this little blog!

It all started when i wanted to determine how to do my infosec watch. After several hours scrolling sites and such, it appears that a lot of infosec people share their knowledge and findings through blog posts (relayed then on twitter for examples), and not with the afterthought of money. What a beautiful way to represent the traditional "hacker ethics"!

So, i first would like to thank all those people, anonymous ones to infosec rockstars, that take some times to write about their work and share it to the world. Especially, by lauching a new blog today, i realized this is a difficult task that requires some devotion. So thanks again!

By the way, i thought myself : "hey, what about writing a blog about my modest findings or researches done during my free time? Maybe some people could find it interesting... Ok, it won't be top sec researches nor certainly extremely advanced topics, but hey, not everybody is a top hacker."

So here it is.

I wish you (and myself) some good readings to come!

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