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Solving a WASM Crackme staticallylun. 09 juillet 2018

Here is a short write-up of "Diablo, fighting Lazarus" challenge of the NdH2016 wargame. The idea is to present some concepts of WASM in order to make such future challenges easier for players.

le "Wargame" de la Nuit du Hack, c'est quoi?ven. 22 juin 2018

petite explication de ce que qu'est le wargame de la Nuit du Hack, et comment se préparer

Ndh2k16: "to be or not to be" write-upmer. 07 mars 2018

I was not able to find any write-up of this challenge i created. So here is, hopefully, a complete and step-by-step write-up for this wargame challenge, which is a "whitespace crackme"!

Another blog on infosec launched!mer. 07 mars 2018

a little edito for the launch of this blog